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A Tradition of Innovation Continues

In 1942, I.T. Quarnstrom founded Detroit Mold Engineering (today’s DME Company) to provide mold bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity. That was the beginning of the DME tradition of industry-leading innovation and standardization.

Significant advances in mold tooling technology are the DME story. With seven decades of making moldmakers, molders and designers more efficient and more productive, we’ve become an essential resource to the industry.

Quality Materials and Processes

DME starts with only the finest material — as measured by industry-leading standards for quality assurance and supplier evaluation — to ensure high-quality, precision-finished components. And, DME manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 certified to provide consistent, dependable quality.

A Single Source for All Your Needs

For a sampling of innovative products that consistently improve productivity, DME’s extensive product catalog tells it all. If you’re involved in plastics injection molding tooling, DME has what you need. With over 35,000 catalog items, DME delivers a single source for virtually any tooling application.

Comprehensive, Accessible Customer Service

DME customers have 24/7 access via a wide selection of communication channels. Toll-free telephone, fax, mail, e-mail, and web are all available. DME’s eShop online service allows customers real-time order processing and order status updates.


2010 - TODAY


New Electric Valve Gate Hot Runner System provides greater cleanroom productivity.

New Hydraulic Locking Core Pull Cylinder enables smaller molds, simpler assemblies.


New Edge PT pre-pocketed mold bases save moldmakers time.


Unitized Valve Gate, providing superior cosmetics with a simple setup, debuts at NPE.

2000 - 2009


MoldBasics bases introduced for short-run or prototype applications.

Stellar Hot Runner System introduced for micromolding applications.

DME launches online ordering.

DME Hot Runner Technical Center opens to provide a range of value-added services.


DME becomes first mold technologies supplier to earn Moldflow silver certification.


DME enters global hot runner technology partnership with Polimold, SA, of Brazil.

DME offers industry's first packaged Helical Gear Stack Mold Centering Devices.


DME opens new Asian logistics center in Shenzhen, China.

New Eco-Smart Hot Runner System is first HRS optimized for starch-based bio-resins.

DME Molding Supplies combines the best of Northern Supply, Nickerson & OHS.


Cold Runner System for elastomers introduced in North America.

DME scholarship program introduced to support next generation of plastics leaders.


New Die Casting Chill Vents made of beryllium copper help die casters eliminate flash

DME Inventors Collaborative brings Turbulent Flow Plastic Baffles to market

1990 - 1999


DME celebrates 50th anniversary


DME becomes a member of the Milacron family of companies.

Quick Delivery Specials (QDS) mold base program introduced.


Galaxy Hot Runner System introduced for high-cavitation molding applications.

DME earns ISO 9001 certification.

DME acquires Master Unit Die (MUD), leader in quick-change molding systems.

1980 - 1989


New Ultraform finishing and polishing system cuts costly hand finishing operations.


Toll-free central order processing implemented for a convenient point of contact.


DME establishes DME (China) Ltd. In Hong Kong.

1970 - 1979


New DME slide retainer provides smooth action for cam hold-out.


DME establishes I.T. Quarnstrom Foundation to support customer education and training.

1960 - 1969


Standard cavity insert blocks introduced


New DME Collapsible Core is a breakthrough for undercuts

1950 - 1959


First international warehouse established in Canada

1940 - 1949


I.T. Quarnstrom founds Detroit Mold Engineering

Standard mold bases introduced in 18 sizes


Standardized leader pins, sprue bushings, locating rings & return pins join product line

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